designing our future

This is the time for all of us to think big. What role will you play in designing Temple University’s future?

The Strategic Planning Process

These words—engagement, discovery and opportunity—begin our mission statement and exemplify what we do at Temple University. They also describe three key factors in our strategic planning process. 

As we move through the phases of this process, our goal is to create an approach to strategic planning that is iterative, coordinated across the university and collaborative. In doing so, we will be able to look ahead, effectively anticipate and address changes affecting higher education, and create an agile and actionable path forward. 

How We’ll Work

We’re committed to transparency throughout this process and engagement with everyone who Temple impacts. Expect town hall-style discussions, surveys, focus groups and other ways to share ideas and feedback. All input we receive informs how we’ll design our process and future.

Strategic Plan: Circular graphic representing the cycle of Community Participation, Collaborative Process Development and Feedback/Modifications involved in the planning process.