Constituent Relationship Management

An ecosystem connecting and coordinating information for the student journey from prospect to alumni

Diagram showing the lifecycle for the CRM system including: Recruiting, Admissions, Acceptance, Onboarding, Housing/Meal Plan, Orientation/Placement, Enrollment, Financial Aid/Scholarship, Tuition Assessment, Student Progress, Activities, Advising, Internship/Career, Student Services, Graduation, Alumni Activities, Alumni Resources, Engagement

We engaged with Gartner consultants to analyze the current state of the university’s CRM capabilities and readiness. After interviewing stakeholders, reviewing documents and systems, and examining industry best practices, a roadmap of recommendations across people, process, technology, and data was created to guide Temple in its aims to further improve the CRM ecosystem at the university.


Assessment and Evaluation Process

Key recommendations include

  • Define a CRM support structure. Develop CRM support at the central and unit levels and establish strategic communications services and constituent data management teams.
  • Take a Slate-first approach. Starting in 2024, Temple will adopt Slate for recruiting and admissions. Going forward, build a CRM ecosystem that has consistent and cohesive integration and establish guiding CRM architecture principles data storage and management.
  • Enhance data governance. Define an approach for data sharing that improves the university’s ability to leverage cross-functional data and create a unified constituent view.

Slate Deployment

Slate provides a unified interface to support collecting and managing data, improving staff resources, coordinating communications, and integrating and optimizing operational processes. Slate at Temple will begin with a focus on recruitment and admissions.

- Fall 2023: Acquire and launch Slate at Temple  - Winter 2023: Manage prospect marketing, communications, and events in Slate  - Spring 2024: Implement application review and decisioning processes in Slate  - Summer 2024: Slate training for unit-level users  - Fall 2024: Full Slate deployment for recruitment and admissions

Roadmap for the Future

Beyond enrollment, a truly comprehensive system involves every step of the student journey, from onboarding, student progress, activities, advising, and more. After the initial implementation of Slate for recruitment and admissions, the university will explore longer-range goals to incorporate the entire student lifecycle.

Measuring Our Impact